The Zen Pavilion will be an area exclusive to Cannabis/CBD Health and Wellness.

The concept of Zen involves meditation for self-discovery and to clear the mind of needless distractions, such as desiring material things.

Zen started in China, but it inspired Japanese temple gardens starting in the 1160s. Originally, the purpose of the gardens was to provide a tranquil place for monks to meditate on the Buddha’s teachings. The Zen Pavilion will bring the feeling of zen gardens that have become a big part of living and culture.

Demo stage and exclusive speakers

Apply the latest trends & innovations around hemp, terpene, and cannabinoid skincare formulations with natural ingredients to your business. At The CBSE’s Zen Pavilion learn from industry professionals how to add value to formulations for increasing demand, guarantee regulatory compliance, and ensure you are on-trend, and get ahead of the competition. 

Sunday Morning Yoga Session